‘More People Should Take Up Sailing’

Anjan Rangaraj used to shuttle between Bengaluru and Chennai every day all to follow his passion, which is for sailing in the seas. He shared his feeling regarding his sailing team. It is the same sailing team whose performance made him come in the top-five list wins sailing event J80 sailing for Asia. In the event, he claimed the No. one spot in India.

It’s the efforts of a team behind the win

“I have a special inclination toward sports and all through my student life; I have been associated with sports. I have played many competitions of golf, have taken bike trips, have organized rallies some events like the winter derby of a city. While I was engaged in all these activities, one day I happened to meet Vivek Shanbhag. He introduced me to (RMYC) Royal Madras Yacht Club. It is about a decade back. Then I and Vivek decided to make a team.”

About sailing, he said,” It is a fun sport and it should be taken seriously.” He introduced his rest team. Goutham Kanakatlu is the youngest member of the team and he just 16-years-old and he from Hyderabad. Rangaraj said that we were in need of a bowman who should be agile and young and then we met Goutham; we find him perfect for the role and took him in the team. He learnt the skill of sailing from Hyderabad based NGO. Currently, in the Optimist sailboat category, he is at a third position. The other member is Vishnu Sujeesh. Sujeesh is 19 years old and he has won many at numbers of national level. There are other members as well who are part of a team and are playing an important role.

Sailing is passion

Anjan added that China’s championship was a great experience.

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