35th America’s Cup Series Bermuda

The 34th edition of the America’s Cup not only ended with Sir Ben Ainslie’s team winning, but there were other surprises as well.

The Groupama team from France as well as the Softbank team of Japan were surprised entrants who fared well in the Japan waters and gained the chance to participate in the 35th series. Now the 35th series is scheduled to take place in Bermuda, where several teams have already taken up position for practice races and acclimatization efforts. Already practice races are being planned, for instance, between Oracle US team and Artemis racing. The opportunity to take part in the practice races is being extended to all participants. An Even Softbank team of Japan is excited about the opportunity.

Even though the boats are not the same as would be in the final race days and neither do the race teams have the final race equipment with them, getting to try out the race course and understanding the local conditions is what is being offered through the practice races.

Many teams feel that, if the same boats can be offered to them it would help them plan the time required to set up the boats and so forth. The qualifying rounds would be held in May. As of now there are four teams of the qualifying six teams who are based in Bermuda.

The offer to undergo practice races is being offered to all teams such as the Emirates team of New Zealand and Groupama team of France. The other teams who are already in Bermuda also feel that the other participants should come by and practice at the venue. It would help every team to get familiar with the water and local conditions. They will also become familiar with the other teams’ competing styles which is necessary before the qualifying rounds begin.

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