Ambergris Shine At International Regatta

National Sailing Dinghy Championship Optimist Regatta competition for 2016 held in Bermuda and participated by many teams.

But, sailors who shine at entire event were two Belizean young sailors Caroline Sersland and Kevin Velasquez. They are from Ambergris Caye and this year too they excellent in international tournaments. The tournament held on Bermuda Island from 10th to 13th November at Royal Naval Dockyard.

In the competition there were 75 sailors present all from different countries. The countries were Barbados, Belize, Canada, The Cayman Islands, Poland, USA and Italy. Both boy and girl performed really well in the championship and showed their amazing skills to watchers of the event. Caroline Sersland is 12 years old and Kevin Velasquez is 15 years. There could be more races for Sersland in coming year for this event but, for Velasquez is the last one at 15 is the limit of age for this category of race.

Experts present at the event praised Sersland performance and said that she is too young to give this type of performance and show her skills. In the tournament she finished in 50th place. And now she has three more years to show has a talent for this international Optimist division.

Velasquez and Sersland both are promising sailors and both get trained at the same place ‘the Belize Sailing Centre’. The center is located near the beach at Caribbean Villas Resort. It is south of downtown San Pedro.

All nine winners of this championship were from the United States. First place of the tournament was secured by Justin Callahan of United States. The 10th place was secured by a sailor from Polish. The 11th position of the championship was again won by a sailor from American. Azhai Smith secured 12th place in the championship and the player is from hosting place Bermuda.

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